Posidon Project

Bilbao, 10th July 2019

POSIDON is a Horizon 2020 programme started in 2018, grouping five public purchasers with similar contaminated soils facing a common challenge: To take advantage of public demand to identify innovative, sustainable solutions for soil decontamination.

The Municipality of Bilbao and the Trieste Port Authority (Italy) are the leaders of the project, while the Vitoria-Gasteiz Center for Environmental Studies (CEA), Spaque and Baia do Tejo (Portugal) are observers.

The project is also supported by a series of technical partners: Coordinating the project is Area di Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica di Trieste (IT), Sara Bedin (IT) as an Expert in European contracts and management of intellectual property for MAS Abogados, Tecnalia and Ihobe.

POSIDON faces the challenging lack of innovation in the field of soil decontamination in Europe. To breach the gap between demand and supply of decontamination solutions, POSIDON sets out to find innovative methods of decontamination. Precommercial procurement has the potential of efficient innovative action in the demand side.

Más información: https://www.posidonproject.eu/

POSIDON has received funding from the European Unions’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement N. 776838