Our Firm

We are a firm dedicated to consulting and legal assistance funded in 1993 by qualified professionals, who is proposing high-value solutions to urban, environmental and public management problems.

MAS Abogados is specialized in finding efficient solutions among the, often diverging, areas of private companies and public management, and problems arising from their friction. 

MAS Abogados is constituted by an interprofessional team, with a group of special administrative law lawyers, as well as a wide network of partners.

Sustainable development, Environment, Urban Planning and Land-use management

MAS Abogados relies on its own Legal-Economic department focused on Sustainable Development and appropriate solutions to Environmental challenges.

MAS Abogados, through legal environmental assistance and sustainability management, has contributed to the modernization of several industries, placing them in the competitive forefront. MAS Abogados has also contributed to public administration’s design of policy.

Bringing industry within sustainability parameters and its legal framework permits companies high levels of competitivity.


Main services

  • Public or private strategic sustainability planning, with particular focus on crafting policy frameworks
  • Management and processing of administrative authorizations and licenses. Administrative and Contentious appeals on licensing matters. 
  • Integral counselling in Territorial Ordinance, Planning, Management, Urban-Planning discipline, Eminent Domain, Special Administrative law (Mountains, Mines, Water, Electricity, Transport, Telecommunications, etc).
  • Management and mediation between private and public sectors.