Sustainable development and Environment

MAS Abogados relies on its own Legal-Economic department focused on Sustainable Development and Legal Environmental Assistance

Urban Planning and Land-Use Management (Spatial Planning, Land Management)

MAS Abogados is a pioneering firm specializing in urbanism and offers integral counseling in Land-Use Management, Planning, Management and Urban Discipline.

Special Administrative law

MAS Abogados is a firm specialized in Special Administrative Law. It offers its services both to public companies and organizations, as well private companies and citizens dealing with public administration.

Legal defense

Our firms has solid experience in procedural matters, specially in contentious legal order It offers legal assistance and intervention in the direction of numerous and important proceedings.

Business Management

Our business experience in the field of high value-added services to institutions and companies, provides managers with the right diagnostic when facing high-stakes/pivotal for the future development of business.

International Projects

Throughout decades, we have delivered manifold courses and conferences in the field of Urban Planning, Land-Use management, sustainable development, Environment and Civil Responsibility. We are now positioned as referents of the field.